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Boarding your Virgin Voyage Cruise from Port Miami


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Hey Good Trippers! I recently recently had the opportunity to sail on Virgin’s Scarlet Lady out of Port Miami and thought it would be helpful to share a few tips with others getting ready for embarkation day on Virgin Voyages!

Getting Ready for Scarlet Lady!

Planning for Embarkation

First of all, don't worry too heavily about not being prepared for embarkation day! Virgin Voyages will be emailing you plenty of reminders about getting ready to sail, in addition to posting reminders on the Virgin Voyage app.

Once your cruise is booked (hopefully with Good Trip Travel Co,:) and you are in the Virgin Voyages app, you will need to complete your “Before you Sail” checklist. While doing this, you will be able to select your embarkation, aka boarding, time for your sail date. Below are a few screenshots from the mobile app...

Arriving at the Port

As you arrive at Port Miami, the workers will be ready to assist and grab your bags, tag them and deliver them to your room. Our bags were sitting in our room within an hour.

Boarding times typically start at 1:45 pm. We were there about 30 minutes early, and they let us go ahead and enter the terminal to check-in. Have your mobile app up and ready to show them your information.

When checking in at the terminal, there will be a chance to upgrade your room based on availability! Once you’re all checked in, you will be given some bands. You can wear these or even carry them. Just be careful when wearing them because they tend to find a way to come undone.

After you’ve received your bands, you will be guided to the lobby area. We waited maybe 10 minutes in this holding area, and they started announcing boarding groups at 2:00 pm. Overall, in less than an hour from when Uber dropped us off, we had already had a cocktail and found our stateroom!

Boarding the Ship

Whenever boarding a cruise ship, I always have a few minutes of bewilderment, anxiousness and brief panic as I stand there trying to figure out where to go and what to do!

When we boarded the Scarlet Lady, we arrived on deck seven. Many shops will surround you; sadly, they will be closed until that evening once you have embarked. During this time, I recommend one of the following:

• If hungry: go to the galley

• If ready to party: head to the pool

• If ready to chill and drink: head to the dock bar

• If you’re an explorer: tour the ship

• If you’re tired: Head to your stateroom or one of the lounge chairs around the ship

Aside from the above, I highly recommend booking yoga, meditation or fitness classes via the app as soon as you get the opportunity. These fill up fast!


You can book your disembarkation time via Shore Things on the app. For our sailing, everyone needed to be disembarked by10:45 am.

If you would like, you can set your bags out before 10 pm the night before, and they will get them off the ship for you. Of course, you are more than welcome to hold onto your bags and carry them off the ship with you.

When disembarking, you must show your passports to get through customs at the port. The whole process only took us 15 minutes to get from our room with our bags to the Rideshare pickup area (and we got to keep the bands as a souvenir)!

Remember that rideshares might take a little longer than the estimated arrival time because they are often completing another drop-off at the port. Our driver estimated it would be four minutes and ended up taking about fifteen for them to arrive. If you want to make your way quickly to the airport, we recommend taking one of the cabs waiting at the terminal. Our Uber from the Port to Miami Airport was $22 before tip.

If you want to learn more about Virgin Voyages and what's its like to sail this new adults-only cruise line - don't hesitate to reach out to us!


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If you are ready to start planning your Virgin Voyage with Good Trip Travel Co, submit a trip inquiry or contact us at 515-201-2371 /



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