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About Good Trip Travel Co.

Good Trip Travel Co is an independent, privately owned travel agency located in Ankeny, Iowa with a remarkable history of delivering big results. We believe in the transformative power of travel experiences, infusing every journey with a delightful touch of fun. Our agency was born out of a commitment to better serve clients with our Iowa-based brand. We provide amazing resources and personalized training to cultivate an amazing team of advisors located throughout the U.S. Drawing upon years of expertise, we've curated exceptional vacations for thousands of clients. In 2023, we took our dedication to the next level by opening a retail storefront, providing an even more customized and personalized travel experience for our valued clients.

Our mission at Good Trip Travel Co is to be your trusted partner in creating memorable and hassle-free travel experiences. We're dedicated to delivering top-notch service, tailored itineraries, and unmatched expertise.

Our guiding principle is to Strive for Equitable Excellence in Every Endeavor.  This principle states our commitment to fairness by promoting equity among all stakeholders, including clients, advisors, the agency, and suppliers. It also highlights our dedication to achieving excellence while being transparent in our business practices. Our sense of balance and integrity, guide our advisors actions and decisions in a positive direction.


Whether you're planning a relaxing beach getaway, an adventurous European trip, or a magical Disney vacation, we're here to turn your travel dreams into reality. We take pride in our local connection and our commitment to making every journey a Good Trip.

Vacations: Vacations


  1. Start by Filling out our online Travel Inquiry Form. This let's us know you are serious about using our services and are ready to start planning your vacation. 

  2. The Good Trip team will review your travel request and a Travel Advisor will follow-up with a consultation call. We'll discuss how we can best work together and your Good Trip Travel Advisor will provide you with planning fee information. Depending on your type of request, we might be able to send you a quote right away! 

  3. Your advisor will work with you to build an incredible itinerary and trip that best fits your needs. Through the booking process, you will be asked to provide your traveler information and billing details for us to apply payments with the supplier(s) in which your trip is booked. 

  4. We book the trip! We will provide you with custom recommendations, quotes and supplier information. Then assist with creating your reservation(s).

  5. Once your trip is booked, you will receive ongoing travel communication emails, travel packages and have access to our entire travel advisor support team.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Travel Planning Services...

What types of travel do you arrange?
We offer a wide range of travel options, including hotel bookings, cruises, vacation packages, escorted tours, group trips, and solo adventures. While we don't book Airbnb accommodations, we can arrange house and villa rentals through our exclusive partners. Additionally, we usually don't handle flight-only bookings without associated fees.


Do you charge planning fees?
Depending on the complexity and time required for your trip, a travel planning fee may be applied by your advisor. Our planning fees start at $100 for individual trips, with discounted rates available for group travel. Please note that planning fees may vary for groups and multiple rooms, so feel free to contact us for more information. Keep in mind that all clients are subject to supplier terms and conditions, and additional service fees may apply to flight bookings, changes, and cancellations.

Can you book flights-only?
We primarily focus on comprehensive travel arrangements, such as cruises and hotels. While we usually don't book flight-only reservations, we can assist our Good Trippers and existing clients with flight bookings for a fee, starting at a minimum of $100 per person. In some cases, we have access to deeply discounted consolidator fares through our partners, especially for international and student flights.

Do you offer price matching?
Yes, our advisors can often match prices you find online for comparable travel components. However, please provide a screenshot of the checkout screen price and all included components for us to consider a price match. Keep in mind that our service's true value lies in our expertise, time-saving benefits, and luxury services, which reduce stress in the travel-planning process.

Can you book trips using clients' rewards points for free flights or cruises?
Our ability to use rewards points depends on the specific situation. Since our primary compensation comes from commissions, we may need to work out a fair compensation plan if you wish to use rewards points extensively. This might involve planning or service fees to account for the time spent on travel planning. The management of rewards, points, and miles within respective programs is the responsibility of the traveler.

How are your travel advisors compensated?
Our advisors are primarily compensated through commissions, which they earn based on what you pay to suppliers for your trip. Importantly, advisors receive their compensation after you have completed your travel. In cases where an advisor is involved in planning a time-intensive trip with extensive itinerary planning and multiple bookings, we may impose a small service or planning fee to account for our time and expertise.

Is it okay to ask for help with simple bookings like hotels?
We encourage clients to utilize our services for all their travel needs, including simple bookings like hotels. Please remember that our only source of compensation is by booking your trip, and service fees are our means of additional support during the planning, quoting and management Your bookings help us in our continuous efforts to enhance our knowledge and assist you better. 

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