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Join our Team!

We are currently recruiting new team members to join the Good Trip Travel Co. travel advisor team. Business is booming and consumers are looking for professional travel planning services more than ever.

At Good Trip Travel Co. we equip our advisors with the tools and knowledge necessary to help our Good Trippers through the decision making process for their next trip and each subsequent trip to follow. 

Below are a few traits we are looking for in our advisors: 

  • Good Trip Travel Co. advisors are professional and customer service oriented. 

  • We are looking for well-traveled individuals that would like to share their passion and love for travel with others. Applicants must have extensive flight experience and knowledge on the niche and destinations they'd like to sell. 

  • We are looking for individuals that are ready to commit to launching their travel business full-time. Having your hands in a lot of projects, MLM's and hobbies will make it difficult to operate a strong business that revolves around service and quick turnarounds. Our clients expect daytime and evening availability and want service professionals to help assist them throughout the entire process. Timely responses and a flexible schedule is key to being a great advisor. 

  • We are NOT transactional booking agents - we are advisors that build lifelong relationships with our clients and assist our clients throughout the life of their trip planning process. 

  • We are NOT travel influencers - we are travel advisors. Posting a lot about personal travel, doesn't make you a great travel agent (but taking care of clients and booking lots of great vacations does!)

  • We DO like to have FUN and extend that enthusiasm to our clients throughout the planning process!  We like to engage in activities, host events and get together as much as possible to create strong team-building and a knowledge-sharing atmosphere. 

Why Good Trip Travel Co?

Custom Training & Onboarding

Education and dedication are necessary when launching your career. We help streamline the process when starting off. One of the biggest complaints from the new travel advisor community is the lack of support and training when trying to start your career. Until you are comfortable and have the knowledge to book travel on your own, we offer an apprenticeship style model to make sure you are ready with all the steps necessary to create a positive, trusted and professional service to our clients. Our onboarding process includes the following steps: 

1. Becoming an Advisor - Learning how to book vacations as a professional

2.  Launching Your Business

3. Marketing & Promotion

4. Trip Maintenance & Reporting

5. Client Retention & Attraction

6. Good Trip Culture - Instilling Team Building & FUN!

Low Agency Fees & Startup Costs

The typical host agency model was created to make money off advisors - but that's not the case at Good Trip Travel Co. We have a guiding principle "Is it fair to all concerned?" This means that the agency, advisors and clients should be entering agreements that benefit all parties.  Our agency has created a strong clientele that continues to grow and seek our advisory services because they understand the value of being a Good Tripper and investing in high-quality, professional services.  

Tools & Resources

We have created a system that allows our advisors to hit the ground running with workflows, tasks and hundreds of email templates so you can quickly focus on providing quality travel planning and quality guidance to your travelers. All of our advisors are given free access to these tools, travel packet materials, etc - so we all provide the same quality service and expectations to clients across the agency.  We want you to be successful and have a strong brand and toolbox to grow your career!

Strong Marketing & Lead Program

We LOVE marketing and pride ourselves in the quality marketing we engage in. From television, online advertisements, printed materials, mailer boxes, swag - you name it! Our goal is to be front of mind for all Iowans wanting to book their next vacation. We love to spoil our Good Trippers and as an advisor you will have access to all of these marketing assets and as a result benefit from the lead generation. We work with a great team of marketing experts to increase our website inquiries and create marketing campaigns to continually and positively engage and inspire our new and existing clients. We have created a strong agency marketing platform so our advisors can concentrate on spending their time booking trips and dedicating their days to their clients, not spinning their wheels on their next social media post or marketing tactic. 

Retail Office Location

Looking to grow your travel business outside of hte typical home-based agent model? Good Trip Travel Co. is opening a new office space in Ankeny, IA. Woot! As an onboarding incentive, we are offering new advisors free office  space through the end of 2023 included with your annual agent fee of $250. This amazing space gives you a place to work with other advisors, meet with clients or host travel events for your clientele! Take your travel advisor career to the next level by being part of this physical location and all of the great amenities, leads and resources,  this space brings. 

Our current marketing efforts are focused on giving back to our existing clients and retention programs and office space has been high on the list of recommendations from our Good Trippers!

Professional Business Planning & Entrepreneurship Culture

When starting your career as a travel advisor, it's important to understand that it's not just about booking trips, you are also starting your own business as an independent contractor. The benefit of being an independent contractor is there is no limit to what you can earn and no boss to report to. While Good Trip offers guidance, resources (and a few expectations) we are your partner in building your business.  We strive to help our advisors create sustainable operation models. 

What Our Advisors Have to Say About Good Trip Travel Co.!

Taylor Westhoff.jpg

Taylor Westhoff

From Passion to Purpose
"I started my travel business as a way to make a little extra money to visit family more often. In one short year, this business turned into much more than extra cash. It has helped me get (and stay) out of credit card debt, travel to new places, make others travel dreams come true and meet some of the most genuine people ever. I turned my passion for travel into true income!"

Get Started Today and Build Your Travel Business with Good Trip Travel Co! 

Submit our Application Form Below or contact Victoria at 515-201-2371 or

Once we receive your application, we will schedule a meeting to learn more about you and your aspirations and share more information about our agency, culture and what it take to be a Good Tripper!

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