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Dana's 40 years of traveling worldwide provides the perspective of what is needed when creating a good trip! She has been an entrepreneur since the age of 19 and understands the value of customer service and prompt response times. 


Dana has travelled throughout Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Scotland, France, England, Japan, China, Korea, The Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, and of course all sections of the US including a solo 11,200 mile road trip through 27 states. Highlights include spending a day watching monkeys on the island of St. Kitts, people watching on the Spanish Steps in Rome, learning about Dolphins in the Florida Keys, soaking up every single bite of the delicious food in Italy, being speechless when seeing the grandeur of the Swiss Alps, flying falcons in Scotland, riding bikes through the rice fields of Japan, and learning the history of 700-year old buildings in France. 


"It’s about the people- Those you travel with, those you meet along the way, and those you share stories with. I have made lifelong friends while enjoying a dinner in a tiny Italian restaurant, met a Buddhist Monk that altered my perspective on life, repaired a bond with my mom, and had friends go from acquaintances to deep soul sisters though travel. It also enhanced relationships with friends back home because of the time then spent together sharing stores of each other’s experiences. It’s not just one trip, it’s a lifetime of relationships!"


Dana is a detailed oriented person that respects the values of others. She is energetic yet simplistic, and truly cares about people. Her resourcefulness gets to the bottom of any issue, and organized mind keeps things simple. Dana's honest soul makes sure others are cared for and they know the real details of each experience.


Group trips! Travel is rewarding, but to share the experience is magical! It’s so incredible to have a group of people whether family, friends, or acquaintances have an experience that creates a bond that will last a lifetime. The laughter, stories, jokes, bonding, and tender moments carry over to life for many years to come!  Group trips truly enhance the enjoyment in life both during the trip and after!   

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