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Dana Massie Good Trip Travel Co.


Travel Advisor

     (641) 323-3577 
     Lamoni, IA

With 40 years of international travel experience, Dana enjoys helping others renew, refresh, and find the joy that comes from seeing a new place, culture and landscape. She has traveled throughout Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and France, the streets of Korea, Japan, and China, exploring castles in Scotland and England, staying on a long boat in Scotland, getting to know families in Mexico and Canada, and soaking up the sun in the Caribbean. She uses her world travel experience to help others navigate all aspects of travel by focusing on the details, so they can focus on the fun!! She treats every person as if they are family, and enjoys sharing the excitement of a new experience! Let's go explore the world!!

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Experience Highlights

Your Next Adventure Awaits with Dana!



Through 20 years of owning her own business, Dana is reliable, organized and responsive. She has dedicated her career to customer service, and treats each person with respect. Her organized style of business helps create a smooth travel experience for her clients, because they know what to expect, where to go, and where they will be staying. 


Excellent Communication

Dana is an open communicator, which means that she covers multiple aspects of what you need to know for your trip. She presents the information in paper, digital, and verbal form in order to reach all modes of thinking. She is open to all questions, and responds with an informative answer. 


Knowledgeable about worldwide destinations

Dana's education came from the school of hard knocks. She started traveling internationally as a small child and has spent a lifetime learning about different countries and cultures. This has given her the opportunity to experience a variety of styles of travel, different cultures, modes of transportation, accommodations, and unique worldwide experiences.



Dana has found passion in showing others the joys that come from traveling. She loves exploration, and when she helps someone plan a trip, finds so much joy in experiences through someone else's eyes.

Book with Dana!

Guided Tours

To discover a new place with others, brings a whole new level of joy and experience! Guided tours give you the opportunity to see new things that you would not otherwise find, share experiences, make new friends, and learn about culture, history, and people.

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Group Tours

Grab your club, organization, friends, work group.... and take a tour! This takes a guided tour to another level of fun because you are traveling with others that have similar interests and you will create a special bond that lasts a lifetime!


Sandals Resort Vacation

Luxury at its finest!! Sandals is a true "All Inclusive" experience, and has a way of creating a relaxing environment that is fun. Visiting Sandals washes away stresses and worries, and opens your body, mind, and soul to just enjoy each and every day!

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