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Owner + Travel Experience Creator

(515) 422-7441

Victoria is the owner of Good Trip Travel Co. She has several years of experience as a travel advisor in various specialties; including group travel, destination weddings, corporate travel, family and luxury trips.

For many years, Victoria worked in the economic development industry in Iowa and the Kansas City region. After starting her family, she transitioned to her passion-based career as an independent travel advisor where she booked leisure vacations, destination weddings and magical Disney vacations. While travel has always been a passion, little did she know it would soon become her legacy.

When the pandemic hit, it brought many changes  & challenges to the travel industry; but most of all it brought opportunity. Victoria seized the chance to take a break and reevaluate the future of how travel advisors need to provide assistance to travelers. Thus, Good Trip Travel Co. was launched in 2021!

By launching Good Trip Travel Co., Victoria was able to bring her visions and brand to life with a strong focus on the Iowa travel community and creating a modern, youthful approach to travel advisory services.​

Victoria now oversees operations at Good Trip and primarily works on creating optimal trip workflows and training advisors to deliver exceptional care to customers while providing a streamlined service to all Good Trippers. Despite which advisor you might be working with, our goal is to create a great experience for every client. She is passionate about creating custom experiences for travelers.

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Victoria has traveled the world and isn't stopping! She's traveled with various types of groups and has a passion for multi-generational family vacations, corporate groups, social groups and has LOTS of personal experience with family and romance travel. She has an infinite love for Disney Destinations and this continues to be her family go-to for their annual vacation. 


History, culture, mental breaks, self-reflection, meeting new people, new smells, watching kids play on a beach and that warm, overwhelming feeling of gratefulness when you return home.


Hard-working, fearless, incisive, funny (or at least thinks she is), sarcastic.

You may say, she's a dreamer.


"Large family vacations! Nothing brings me more joy than helping grandparents whisk their families and grandkids away on a Disney cruise, Europe trip or all-inclusive vacation! There's so much love and investment that goes into their trips and it's heartwarming to get the opportunity to help them create that once in lifetime memory and experience."

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