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Meet Shane, your ultimate travel advisor and adventurer extraordinaire! With a passion for active travel, Shane brings a wealth of expertise and enthusiasm to every itinerary he creates. Whether it's embarking on thrilling kayaking expeditions or conquering breathtaking hiking trails, he knows how to infuse an adventurous spirit into every travel experience. When he's not busy crafting unforgettable journeys for his clients, Shane dedicates his time to his other passion working in Emergency Medical Services (EMS), ensuring the well-being of others. With his love for the great outdoors, commitment to his family, and unwavering dedication to both his clients and community, Shane is the ideal guide for anyone seeking unforgettable and safe travel adventures. Get ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime with Shane at your side!


Shane's travel experiences span across various continents and offer a diverse range of adventures. In Australia, he embarked on an exciting city-hopping journey, starting from the vibrant city of Sydney and making his way to the sun-kissed shores of the Gold Coast, ultimately ending his adventure in bustling Brisbane. On the picturesque island of Oahu in Hawaii, Shane loves to indulge in awe-inspiring activities like snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters of Hanauma Bay, taking a breathtaking helicopter tour of the island, and paying a poignant visit to the historic Pearl Harbor. While exploring his own homeland, Shane meticulously plans vacations across the United States, including almost every bucket list item imaginable! From a memorable New Year's Eve celebration in the heart of New York City's iconic Times Square to adventures throughout Florida. Shane's expertise as a travel advisor comes as no surprise, ensuring that his clients can embark on equally remarkable journeys across the globe.


Through his extensive travels, Shane has discovered a profound love for immersing himself in diverse cultures, embracing new experiences, and creating unforgettable memories. He has developed a passion for adventure, from snorkeling in stunning underwater ecosystems to soaring above picturesque landscapes in a helicopter. Shane has also cultivated an appreciation for historical landmarks, cherishing the opportunity to explore iconic sites like Pearl Harbor, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Statue of Liberty. These journeys have instilled in him a deep sense of wanderlust and a desire to share the transformative power of travel with others.


Caring. Adventurous. Family-centric. 


Adventure Travel, Group Vacations

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